Electronic chess

Todays chess computers have come a long way from electronic chess of old. They have superb (and variable) strength and are very useful in game improvement. There's no such thing as chess computers that are too strong for any player. The software for any machine has settings from 'novice' to 'expert' so that the computer chess game is enjoyable and meaningful to any player.

How do I choose the right electronic chess computer?

With a little guidance you can choose the perfect chess computer for yourself or a family member. Think about the skill level. Is it for beginner/intermediate/expert player?  Consider the function. Is it for a beginner to learn, youth or adult, improve and practice, or a casual game now and then? connect to PC to play against software? entertainment of moving it's own pieces?

How does a electronic chess computer work ?

While you play just as if you were playing a friend, you will press lightly on the squares as you move the pieces. The computer senses this, "thinks" on it's turn and tells you it's move.


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